Submission Streams

Topic Areas

The WODIL Organizing Committee welcomes papers from a wide variety of interdisciplinary and theoretical perspectives, and submissions are organized into the streams and sub streams listed below:

Climate Change

  1. Climate Security Risks
  2. Impact of Climate Change on human health
  3. Moving from awareness to action on climate change
  4. Climate Innovators and Entrepreneurship

Racial Diversity

  1. Identities: Who Are We & Why It Matters
  2. Racio-Ethnicity & Work
  3. Evolving Job Benefits from Heterogenous Perspective
  4. Professional Training, Development & Concerns in Diversity
  5. Stereotypes, Prejudice & Discrimination
  6. Diversity, Inclusion and The Law

Sex & Gender Diversity

  1. The Gender Pay Gap
  2. Gender Identities at the Workplace
  3. Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity as a Dimension of Diversity
  4. Sexual Harassment Policies at the Workplace

Change Management

  1. Design, Implementation & Assessment of Innovative Technologies in Diversity
  2. Behaviors Leaders Need to Create an Inclusive Workplace
  3. Addressing Power, Privilege & Equity at the Workplace
  4. Addressing & Managing Unconscious Bias
  5. Harnessing the Power of Analytics and D&I to Transform the Future Workplace

Cultural Diversity

  1. Managing Workplace Diversity & Inclusion
  2. Challenging & Preserving: Culture, Inter/Multiculturalism & Language
  3. Conceptualization and Measuring Workplace Diversity Differences
  4. Inclusion & Diversity Strategies for Youth
  5. Privilege, Social Construction, Attribution & Fairness
  6. Making The Most of Diversity in Teams
  7. Building Organizational Diversity Competence Through Organizational Development
  8. Celebrating Cultural Differences
  9. Importance of Diverse Workforce in Economic Recovery

Mental Health

  1. Impact of Mental health and the need for diverse leadership skills
  2. Depression
  3. Suicidal thoughts
  4. Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health
  5. Insomnia Management

Disability Rights

  1. Disability and Identity
  2. Disability and the Community
  3. Intersectionality and the Disability
  4. Counselling, Guidance & Adjustment in Diversity
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