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>Dr. Unati Makiwane

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Dr. Unati Makiwane

Dr Unati Makiwane is a Family Physician with over 14 year experience, Health Coach and Certified Transformation Life Coach focusing on Men's Health and Boy Child’s Mental Health. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Business and Corporate Communications. She immigrated from South Africa in 2010 and worked in the Rural & Urban Saskatchewan. She later relocated to Alberta in 2014. She is the Founder and the Medical Director of United Medical Clinic in Calgary, Canada. Outside her clinical practice, she is involved in the community building mental health projects working with Immigrant Services Calgary, New Comers Centre, Schools and other Private Organizations. She's also the Medical Director and a Host of "Black Mental Health Matters" weekly Show for United States of Africa. She is quite active on social media, debunking all the stereotypical narratives causing boys and men to avoid mental health support. Dr Unati is the first Black Female Physician in Canada to host a Men's Health Talk Show which runs once a week where she interacts with a global community of Men seeking to lead healthy lives mentally, physically and spiritually. She recently launched her transformative online course "Men Get Depressed Too”. She took a deep dive on the key silent elements that cause depression.


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