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>Irfan Chaudhry

About The Speaker

Irfan Chaudhry

Irfan Chaudhry is a hate crimes researcher and the Director of the Office of Human Rights, Diversity and Equity at MacEwan University. He was a former race relations specialist for the Racism Free Edmonton Project, and was also instrumental in creating the website, a 3rd party hate incident reporting platform that documents hate incidents in Alberta. For the last eight years, Irfan has taught sociology and criminology at MacEwan. Beyond his teaching accomplishments, Irfan holds a master’s degree in criminal justice, and has worked on human rights policies for the City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Police Service, while also sitting on the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee. For more information :

Irfan Chaudhry has been working in the area of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) since 2011. He currently works as Director, Office of Human Rights, Diversity, and Equity at MacEwan University and in this capacity, he leads the development of human rights, diversity, and equity initiatives within the institution.

He has held numerous roles within the EDI space including project leadership positions with the City of Edmonton’s Racism Free Edmonton project and the Edmonton Local Immigration Partnership; advisory positions with the Edmonton Police Service Chief of Police Diversity Recruitment Committee and Chief of Police Community Advisory Committee; the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee, as well as committee roles with Public Safety Canada’s Expert Committee on Countering Radicalization to Violence.

Chaudhry has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology and master’s in criminal justice from the University of Alberta. He serves as Vice President for the Alberta Hate Crimes Committee and is a current appointee to the Edmonton Police Commission.