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Glori Meldrum


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Glori Meldrum

Glori Meldrum is a business leader, sexual abuse survivor, mother, author, motivational speaker, and non-profit founder, with a driving passion to protect our children and advocate for sexual abuse survivors. As a survivor of child sexual abuse, Glori founded Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch, a first-of-its-kind, world-class, evidence-based treatment centre to help children around the world who have been sexually abused. What started off as a dream, has changed the course of so many lives and it continues to for future generations.

A charismatic catalyst, Glori Meldrum has an undeniable gift for cutting through the noise and unearthing opportunities to create positive change. As the CEO of g[squared] and the founder of the world-class non-profit, Little Warriors, she is well known for her ability to make remarkable things happen against all odds and is often referred to as “three sticks of dynamite”. The impact Glori has on both clients and her team is a testament to the power of leading from the heart. She graciously brings her voice to what matters most and boldly steps up as a true ally for clients. From personally securing major donors, mentoring, and coaching board members and executives to developing organizational direction and multi-million-dollar fund development strategies, Glori’s presence and strategic mind have a profound effect on organizations across Canada.

Both a child sexual abuse and cancer survivor, Glori’s hard-earned wisdom is tangible. Her ability to channel these experiences into life-changing initiatives for others demonstrates the resilience and greater purpose of her soul. Her work at Little Warriors and the Be Brave Ranch has led to ground-breaking, science-backed and trauma-informed treatment for child sexual abuse survivors and their families. She is also the mother of four beautiful children and the wife of the world’s most patient man. With over 25 years of leadership in social good, communications, marketing and business strategy, Glori is only getting started on her quest to create intergenerational change in our country.