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Dr. Vincenzo Aliberti


About The Speaker

Dr. Vincenzo Aliberti

Dr. Vincenzo (Vince) Aliberti, Ph.D. is an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Business Strategist with 20+ years of leadership, corporate strategy, organizational effectiveness experience across a variety of industries. He is the author of 6 books, with his most recent one, Mental Health & Wellness: A Toolkit For A Good Life, being published last year. Dr. Aliberti typically gives talks on intergenerational trauma, social isolation, addictions and recovery, diversity and inclusion, embracing change, resiliency, personal and corporate leadership, and personal mental health. He currently works as the Executive Director of Access52, an organization motivates, challenges, and inspires the world one youth at a time; and holds a Ph.D. from Western University specializing in Mergers & Acquisitions and Foreign Direct Investment.

Twitter: @VinceAliberti