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WODIL 2023




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Speaker’s Agreement

Expectations from Speakers

• A NOTE CONCERNING HONORARIA – Centre For Intellectual Excellence (CFIE) & WODIL Centre has a long-held tradition of using event sessions as a platform for innovation and information sharing in the field of equity, diversity and inclusion. We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking and providing our attendees with the latest trends and content related to people management issues. Honorarium may only be given to qualified out of city speakers who are able to attend the conference in-person (Terms & Conditions Apply).

We expect presenters:

• To acknowledge they are available to speak during any timeframe of the event and as such will not request a change to the session time frame assigned, if selected. Presentations are usually 20-30 minutes per Speaker except Keynotes. Panel sessions are 50 minutes plus 10 minutes Q&A.

• To work closely with organizers before the event and meet all deadlines;

•To make no substantial changes to content, format, audio/visual needs, room set-up, identity or number of presenters without prior approval of event organizers.•To design and provide high-quality PowerPoint presentations, in electronic format, by the deadline given if applicable;

•To recognize that a presentation is an opportunity to share information and is not a showcase for promotion of business, practice, service or product;

•To give Centre for Intellectual Excellence (CeFIE) permission to audio and/or video record their session and to sync their on-site slide presentation with the recording for the purpose of selling, licensing to CFIE affiliates, or otherwise using the recording at a later time in any CeFIE products, or those of its affiliates, in any media. Agree that CeFIE shall be the exclusive owner of the synchronized recording, but that they will otherwise retain ownership of their onsite slide presentation. On the speaker’s request, CeFIE will provide a downloadable copy of the recording. CeFIE will grant permission to edit the recording and to post the recording on the speaker’s professional website (not another individual’s or organization’s) for the speaker’s own promotional and professional purposes. (Speakers selected to speak at the conference who do not agree to this will have the option of saying “no” on theirStatement of Acceptance.)

•To respect CeFIE as the sponsoring organization with either positive or neutral comments from the platform;

•To be available for press interviews, if requested. Please remember that members of the press may be attending your session;

•To provide a headshot and bio for CeFIE to us for marketing purposes (printed pieces, email announcements, digital display); and to include a message in social media and website (personal or corporate) mentioning speaking engagement using the event hashtag.

•Speakers are encouraged to visit for the various Topics for discussions during the conference.