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WODIL 2023




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"If you are passionate about equity, diversity & inclusion as much as the WODIL Conference attendees are this is one event you should not miss!"

Mika Schanules

"The WODIL Conference is one of the best knowledge sharing and networking events that every pro in the field of diversity, equity & inclusion must attend. I came back with valuable insights and fully charged with positive emotions."

Laura Poll

"The WODIL Conference is a must see event for all levels of the spectrum. You will leave with knowledge and learning’s you can apply to your business immediately"

Johannes Schlauf

"A great conference to attend for anyone in the diversity & Inclusion industry. Everyone has something to learn, some angle they haven’t explored, and they can find it at the Diversity Conference."

Jeny Maybey

“Face-to-face conversations are the best resources for growing as a design leader. The connections I’ve made here are real, the advice and anecdotes are fresh and relevant, and it’s been equally rewarding to offer some help in return.”

Frank Yoo

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June Lopez

"Great conference! Speakers were top-notch, sessions were educational and entertaining with plenty of immediately applicable information, keynotes were fantastic. The only conference where you can really network with such a concentrated group of diversity professionals."

Joanna Abbott

"The WODIL Conference was probably the most valuable five days I spent all year, well worth the time spent and the price of admission. If you earn a living managing diversity & inclusion, don’t even think about it – just go.".

Johnny Bowen